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If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or snore, wearing a custom-fit sleep apnea oral appliance while you sleep may help.
Sleep apnea occurs when muscles relax while you sleep, causing soft tissues in your throat to collapse and block your airway. These blockages can last for a few seconds to more than a minute, reducing your oxygen levels and disrupting your sleep. This may explain why you wake up feeling fatigued and drowsy.

What Is It?

A sleep apnea oral appliance is a mouthpiece that fits in your mouth like a custom orthodontic retainer. Our device fits into your mouth using two pieces that fit over your upper and lower teeth. Hinges connect the two pieces. The mouthpiece supports your jaw in a position that keeps your upper airway open and soft tissues out of your airway. Because of this design and positioning, snoring and the effects of obstructive sleep apnea are often reduced. The pictures below show how you can open (left) and close (right) your mouth while wearing the sleep apnea mouth guard, unlike other devices that may lock your jaw in one position.

We start the process of fitting you with a sleep apnea oral appliance with a sleep apnea risk assessment. If you appear to be at risk for sleep apnea, we will recommend a sleep study from a sleep specialist to evaluate your signs and symptoms. If we determine the device may help, we can begin making a customized, FDA-approved sleep apnea appliance for you. First, we will take a look at your teeth, jaw, tongue, and airway, and possibly take X-rays of your mouth. Then, we will make digital models of your teeth and send them to a lab that makes sleep apnea mouth guards. Finally, when it’s ready, you will come back to our office for fitting, wearing, and cleaning instructions.


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