Occlusal Guard in Fort Collins, CO

Occlusal guards are removable dental appliances that can protect your teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding or clenching. They are made of clear plastic and fit over your teeth like a nightguard.

Bruxism is often a stress response and can be a cause of stress, which is why people grind their teeth. It can happen during the day while you are awake, but it usually takes place at night while you are asleep. When you are awake, you can usually feel yourself grinding your teeth, but when you are asleep, you probably aren’t aware you are doing it. 

When you wear your occlusal guard, your top and bottom teeth will be separated, preventing you from having your top and bottom teeth touch. This separation will eliminate the pressure and strain on your jaw muscles. This is why occlusal guards are recommended, as they will protect your teeth from constant grinding.

When are occlusal guards recommended?

Occlusal guards are recommended for patients who grind their teeth or clench their jaw. This typically happens at night when the patient is asleep and may be caused by stress, misaligned teeth, or an abnormal bite. Occlusal guards protect teeth from grinding and clenching by acting as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth.

How are occlusal guards made?

Occlusal guards can be made from soft or hard material. Soft guards are made of plastic and are more comfortable to wear. Hard guards can be made from acrylic or composite resin and are more commonly used. 

The dentist takes the impression of the teeth, which is sent to the dental lab for the fabrication of the occlusal guard. The dentist places the customized occlusal guard on the teeth to check for proper fitting. 

How long do occlusal guards last?

Occlusal guards can last 2-3 years. Occlusal guards must be replaced when worn to ensure the proper fit. You should also replace your occlusal guard if you experience any changes in how you feel while wearing the guard.

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