Treatment Plan Coordinator

Why Join Our Team

If you are looking for a job as a treatment plan coordinator, join us. Our treatment plan coordinator is responsible for creating and coordinating dental treatment plans for patients. They work with dentists and other dental staff to create comprehensive treatment plans that consider the patient's needs, budget, and insurance coverage.

Personal Relationships

Our dentists care about their patients as well as coworkers; we support each other at our dental practice.

Comfortable Dental Practice

Our dental office has a relaxing, friendly, and supportive atmosphere that will make coming to work fun every day.

Opportunities For Career Development

While working in our office, you will receive ongoing education from experts that will allow you to advance your skills

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Job description :

  • To facilitate a seamless in-office experience for all patients
  • To educate all patients about their treatment plan, the benefits of moving forward with treatment, insurance benefits, and payment plan options
  • To manage recall schedule to ensure patients are available for their appointments
  • To help operational staff with day-to-day supervisory tasks
  • To work with clinical and operational teams to manage daily patient flow
  • To manage all treatment paperwork. 
  • To ensure that the practice adheres to the laws and guidelines with regard to patient records.


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