How Can Dental Bonding Conceal Small Flaws In Your Smile?

Dental bonding is a painless procedure that conceals minor flaws like chips, cracks, discoloration, and gaps between teeth. It also makes teeth look longer. Dental bonding uses a composite resin material that looks and acts much like your natural tooth enamel. The dentist Fort Collins uses a soft, tooth-colored composite resin for the damaged area and then hardens it with a special light. Once the material is cured and polished, the tooth looks healthy and whole again.

How Is Dental Bonding Placed?

The dentist Fort Collins CO applies the composite resin in layers. Each layer is hardened with ultraviolet light before the next layer is applied. Once the final layer is hardened, the Fort Collins dentist CO will make any necessary adjustments to the tooth. The composite resin can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth. Once the dentist For Collins is satisfied with the results, the composite resin is polished to a high shine.

Dental bonding can typically be completed in one office visit, although larger repairs may require multiple appointments to fully correct. However, since dental bonding involves using a tooth-colored material, it can usually be reversed if needed. Unlike dental crowns, which cover the entire chewing surface of a tooth, dental bonding can be done on just one surface of the tooth. This makes it a great option for small cosmetic flaws like chipped teeth or minor gaps between teeth.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Bonding?

Anyone with minor, aesthetic issues with their teeth is a good candidate for dental bonding. The process is fast and simple and requires little to no anesthesia, so it’s a safe and comfortable option for just about anyone. However, keep in mind that because dental bonding does not whiten teeth or treat other concerns like cavities, it works best for people with only slight discoloration or small imperfections in their smile. If you are looking to address some of these issues in addition to making minor changes to your smile, speak to your dentist Fort Collins CO about other procedures that may be more appropriate for you. Though it takes some prep work, dental bonding can be a great choice for many people looking to improve the appearance of their smiles.

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